Rolling Road

Dyno and rolling road facilities

TDR can offer you our rolling road facilities for all your tuning needs. The service can offer you anything from a single power run, fault diagnosis to full mapping sessions for both road and race cars. The rolling road also serves as an excellent diagnostic and data logging tool.

Our Dyno Developments 4wheel drive rolling road is based within our custom built cell, the cell itself has five 20,000 CFM fans used for providing clean air into the cell and extracting hot air out. Thus keeping temperatures and pressures consistent for accurate readings

The dyno results can be given for power output at the road wheels and at the engines flywheel. We can graph and monitor AFR ratio , Air Temp, Ambient Temp, Boost, Road Speed and many more.

A power run costs £95.00 + VAT and consists of 2-3 pulls to establish a stable base figure. All data is stored on our database for comparison with future modifications and changes should you wish to analyse your results at a later date.

We are able to offer our rolling road services based on a hourly rate of £155.00 + VAT per hour. This service can be used for engine testing, collecting and recording of live vehicle data, back to back testing after engine upgrades or even running in your new engine.

For pricing or further information please contact us today!